In Peru, over half the population lives below the poverty line.  The average income for many is less than $2 a day.  1/3 of homes cook on open fires, have no running water, or electricity.  Burns are the most common injury in the developing world.  In Peru 100,000 people per year suffer significant burns that require medical intervention.  Peru health care covers the cost for initial management; however it does not cover the costs of scar revision, as this is deemed cosmetic.

October 2011, Project Outreach was invited to Peru, to work with Aniquem a Peruvian Burn charity, to help care for children with devastating burn scars. We completed 116 operations, over 8 operating days.  We were invited back in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2019.  Our 2015 mission was funded with generous support of Gran Tierra Energy and their Iquitos team and we treated children with cleft lip and palate as seen in this photograph. Our 2019 mission focused again on children with burn scars was funded with the generous support of ScotiaBank.

We work together with our local Peruvian colleagues, teaching students nurses, and physicians. Our colleagues and friends at Aniquem provide the ongoing burn rehabilitation to our young patients after we leave.

​Burn reconstructive surgery gives these children the chance to lead productive lives.